Maisa was born in the America's capital of the African Diaspora - Salvador, Bahia Brazil. As far back as she can remember, dancing is what she enjoys most. Maisa started entering and winning dance contests when she was 10 years old. Her ability to move her perfectly toned body to the complex, frenetic, polyrhythmic beats of samba music has never been done with such beauty and grace.

Maisa immigrated to the U.S. in 1998 and has been teaching Brazilian samba dance classes and performing ever since. In 2000, she founded Energia do Samba Brazilian Dance Company. Maisa is living her dream of sharing Samba with the world!

The name Energia do Samba (The Energy of Samba) was chosen by Maisa because it is the positive energy of Samba, that she believes is its essence. Energia do Samba's dancing is the embodiment of that energy.

Maisa has performed on stage with many Brazilian celebrities including: Daniela Mercury, Olodun, Beth Carvalho, Elba Ramalho, Tonho Materia, Jorge Ben Jor, and many others! She has also performed internationally for the Paymentwall corporate event in Berlin, Germany, in Cancun, Mexico for destination weddings and of course in her country, Brazil.

Maisa Duke/Energia Do Samba has performed at celebrity functions like Robin Williams' 50th birthday, and an event honoring the late Christopher Reeves. They performed for former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown at City Hall, the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants, California Music Awards in Oakland, The Queen Mary in Los Angeles and Energia do Samba even performed for Pele, the most famous soccer player in the world! 

Other performances and lecture demonstrations include: San Francisco Academy of Science, California Brazil Camp and the Ethnic Dance Festival. Energia do Samba performs every year at San Francisco Carnaval. Maisa Duke performs at assemblies and teaches classes at Oakland Street Academy High School, Edison Charter Acadmey in San Francisco and is available for hire.

In 2002, Maisa was crowned queen of San Francisco Carnaval but everybody knows Maisa Duke is the one and only Samba Queen! Today, she is the most well know samba dancer in the USA. 

             Samba Queen  Maisa Duke
    Queen of San Francisco Carnaval 2002